Garter Snake in the Compost Pile

It’s been many years since a snake has been observed in our backyard. There was a time when the slope from the house to the main part of the yard was less developed than it is now that I could expect to see a snake or a snakeskin at least once a year. Today, however, I was turning the compost pile and discovered a small garter snake, about a foot long, in among its contents. The pile was full of worms, centipedes, and other forms of life so I would imagine the snake was well fed. I wanted to take a photo but I did not have a safe place to put the snake while I went and got the camera, and I did not want the snake to be displaced longer than was necessary, so I put it down and it slid away immediately.

Now if I could get to see a bat in the neighborhood again, that would be really great.

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