Wild Day in Passaic

Wild Day in Passaic

Somewhere around 3 inches of rain fell in Passaic today. At one point the rain was accompanied by winds strong enough to bring down two-thirds of the mulberry tree that has been growing in the easement behind our house. I spent some time cleaning up a few branches, making a path to the compost pile. As I was getting ready to call it a night I stopped to watch the fireflies. People have been remarking that they have not been seeing many fireflies this year but we seem to have plenty. At any rate, it was twilight and time for the fireflies to come out. It was apparently time for other creatures to come out. Pepé le Pew here probably lives under the neighbor’s shed. He was about twelve feet from the shed and twenty feet from me when I took this picture. It’s not a great picture but I did not want to get much closer.

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