It’s Raspberry Season (Again)!


We first saw cultivated raspberry plants several years ago at Tracy and Jamie’s home in Shelton. Tracy is Jody’s niece. Tracy and Jamie informed us that the plants grow so well, with little or no active intervention, that they need to be cut back every year.

The following year we planted two raspberry bushes and one blackberry bush. The raspberries quickly took over the space that we cleared for them. The blackberry plant is still there but it did not produce any berries this season. A smaller plant nearby produced only a few blackberries. I may transplant them to a different location, away from the raspberries, next year. Meanwhile the raspberry bushes yielded several pints in the late spring and early summer. They then took a few weeks off and are now producing their second yield of the season. This yield will likely surpass the early yield by a wide margin. We should have berries until the first frost and likely beyond. For some reason, the berries do not attract many birds. They attract plenty of bumblebees, though, and the bumblebees are fun to watch as they make the rounds of the open blossoms.

You will notice, a little out of focus, a tiny flying insect at the near end of this raspberry.

I wish I had known years ago how easy it is to grow raspberries. It is a treat to be able to step outside the back door in the early morning, pick a handful of ripe berries, and enjoy them on a bowl of cereal, knowing that there will be just as many there the next morning.

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