Should Skunks Need to Apply for Excavation Permits?

Should Skunks Need to Apply for Excavation Permits?

Our neighborhood skunk has had a busy summer digging up our lawn and other spaces looking for grubs. While I’m grateful for the service–grubs do more damage to the lawn than any skunk–I wonder if skunks should be required to apply for a permits when they’re planning to dig such big holes. I took this photo of one of the largest holes dug this year. The stick pen gives an idea of the size. It’s about 8″ across at the opening and over 6″ deep. I hope it was worth the effort for the skunk.

We don’t treat with petrochemical pesticides or weed killers , and the result is that, yeah, we have weeds and grubs. The lawn was treated with milky spore several years ago and the results were good, but the stock that we used was probably several years old and so the treatment needs to be repeated.

It’s good that wild animals, even skunks, find a home in our neighborhood. Were there skunks in the Garden of Eden? Were there grubs? Will there be skunks or grubs in the redeemed earth over which Christ will reign?

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