It’s Late September and I Really Should Be . . .

It's Late September and I Really Should Be . . .

The weather was perfect for a late-season ride at Saddle River County Park. We enjoyed a picnic lunch at the duck pond in Ridgewood, which is the northern terminus of the trail. At this point our car is six miles away at the southern terminus.

Later in the week the temperature will be in the 80s. Is summer really over?

At several points I heard cicadas. Is there enough time for cicadas to mate and reproduce successfully?

One of the local mockingbirds was singing his song today. It’s very late for mockingbirds to be exhibiting mating behavior, isn’t it?

On the other hand, this is exactly the time for the second round of raspberries to be ripening. There are plenty of blossoms and immature berries and we already have about 1/2 pint in the freezer. We hope to freeze a quart or more before the yield is over. Two years ago we stopped harvesting raspberries when the October 29 snowstorm hit. Last year we stopped when Superstorm Sandy hit, also on October 29.

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