Bill McKibben on Bill Moyers

Bill McKibben on Bill Moyers

I hope that posting links to other content does not become the focus of this blog or even a significant component of it, but this conversation between Bill Moyers and Bill McKibben, recorded on 7 February 2014, says some important things and I want to pass them on. Bill McKibben is a practicing Christian, and as a practicing Christian myself I was taken by Mr. McKibben’s comment about 22 minutes into the interview:

I mean, it feels like God’s doing his level best to tell us the fix that we’re in, one crazy episode of weather after another. These are the alarms from a system that’s beginning to swing out of control. We’re supposed to be Homo sapiens.

A big thank you to poet and friend Sandra Duguid Gerstman for telling me about this conversation between Moyers and McKibben.

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