City Green at Shultheis Farm

Yesterday, 23 April 2014, I had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours at City Green’s Clifton NJ facility, otherwise known as Shultheis Farm. The organization offers weekly opportunities from April through October for volunteers to participate in the growing of organic produce. If you want to know more about City Green I would invite you to visit their Web site.

I joined another local volunteer and a group of seven volunteers and their leader from Americorps NCCC. The volunteers I met were from all over the country, including DC, Kentucky, and the Pacific Northwest. During the day they had been helping with Superstorm Sandy recovery work in Little Ferry and Moonachie but the were required to spend additional time in a different community service activity. Their commitment to NCCC is for ten months, during which time they live, travel, and work together. One of the NCCC volunteers observed that if they can learn to get along with one another during those ten months they could probably endure working in almost any corporate setting. He is an accounting major and I hope he’s right. Life at a big accounting firm can be pretty intense from what I’ve been told.

We spent part of the time planting leeks. It was during that time that I learned one of the NCCC volunteers was from Kentucky. When I think of Kentucky I often think of Wendell Berry, who lives in Kentucky and whose stories are set in and around the fictional town of Port William, Kentucky. The young volunteer did not recognize the name but I hope she remembers it and introduces herself to his work at some point in the future. He would have a lot of good things to say about what these young people are doing.

Another NCCC volunteer has a BFA and is hoping to work as an apprentice to a tattoo artist when he finishes his commitment to NCCC.

While we were doing our work a killdeer visited several times. Given the fuss he was making and the time of year it is I wonder if he was guarding a nest nearby. His alarm would be understandable, as killdeer nest on the ground. Not so the northern flicker who was also scolding us early in our time there. What could he have been upset about?

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