Back to the Backyard Again

Several weeks ago I submitted a post from this blog to a forum on LinkedIn. My purpose in doing so was to ask members of that forum if the sample demonstrated that I could potentially include writing in my portfolio of professional services. Three people responded. Two indicated that the writing was OK. A third reviewer, who happened to be from Passaic, pointed out that the content of the post had nothing to do with Passaic. So this post takes us back to the backyard, with a brief digression into the raison d’etre for the blog. Actually it goes briefly into to our neighbor’s backyard.

A groundhog has set up housekeeping underneath the neighbor’s shed. We first saw him several weeks ago. He found his way into our yard and chewed our lettuce down to stubble just as it had gotten ready for picking. This happened twice, exactly two weeks apart. Each time I spent some time pulling weeds in the garden and then looked out later to see the beast sitting in the middle of the patch.

He disappeared, and we were able to pick a good quantity of lettuce over a period of several weeks.


This past week he returned and I was able to get this picture from a distance of about 60 feet. I couldn’t get any closer to him; he’s quite skittish. For some reason he leaves the lettuce alone now. Granted it is a bit late in the season and the hot weather has made the lettuce a bit bitter. Could it be that the groundhog knows that the lettuce is past its prime?

As for the issue of whether this blog is about Passaic, or about our backyard, it has been a while since the blog was created and named, so perhaps it’s good to revisit that name. We live in Passaic, at least for now. We have a backyard. Since we moved here over thirty years ago we have observed much in the way of God’s handiwork in around our backyard, and this blog was intended as a way of keeping a record of those observations and perhaps sharing them with anyone who happened to find them. We don’t have to travel the world or trek into the wilderness to find evidence of that handiwork, or to observe good things that others are doing to care for that handiwork. On occasion we have looked beyond the backyard and found things worth recording here as well, but the intent has always been to stay close to home in our search. Thank you for making the effort to find them and for taking the time to read them. We wish you God’s rich blessing.

2 thoughts on “Back to the Backyard Again

  1. Ilene 14 July, 2014 / 8:38 am

    I very much enjoy reading your blog, no matter what it is about.

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