Halloween Late Arrivals

At about 8:15 this evening (Halloween 2014) the doorbell rang. We had turned off the porch light about 45 minutes earlier, thinking that there would be no more Trick or Treaters other than the teens who don’t bother with a costume and who use a pillowcase to hold their treats.

Flipping on the light and opening the door, I was greeted by two boys, the older of whom I would estimate to be about ten or eleven. What were they doing out so late? Then I saw their young father behind them.

This neighborhood doesn’t have too many fathers who can leave early from their jobs or take the afternoon off to take their children from house to house. I have no idea who this Dad is, but I imagine he worked a full day because his job demands it, then took his boys out for a little fun and candy. I wish him and his boys well.

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