Bad Religion (Ross Douthat)

I just finished reading Bad Religion by Ross Douthat. Thanks to Margo Walter at Grace Presbyterian Church​ for the referral. It’s brief and well written. Full of observations and arguments about the history and current state of American Christianity, both Catholic and Protestant. Read it critically and with a dictionary nearby if you choose to read it. It might make you angry; it might open your eyes. Ancillary to the major themes of the book is an observation near the end about the state of aesthetics in contemporary Christianity: “[M]any Christians are either indifferent to beauty or suspicious of its snares, content to worship in tacky churches [a cheap shot?] and amuse themselves with cultural products that are well-meaning but distinctly second-rate. Few Americans think of religion as a great wellspring of aesthetic achievement anymore, and the Christian message is vastly weaker for it.”

I’m grateful to be able to worship in a place where experiencing and creating beauty is recognized as a means of knowing God and honoring God.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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