A Request for Prayer and Financial Help

Craig Winsor is a 45-year-old teacher at Sahel Academy in Niamey, Niger. Craig and his wife Jennifer (J.J.) teach at Sahel under the aegis of SIM USA. He recently was diagnosed with melanoma, had surgery to remove it, and is awaiting test results to learn if it has spread beyond the initial site in his back. Without waiting for the tests, his surgeons recommend another trip to the United States for a second surgery to remove lymph glands.

Craig and J.J. have requested prayer, of course, and Jody and I will be praying. Will you join us in that effort?

Craig has also shared his financial need with his supporters. SIM has health insurance but, as with most health insurance, the patient often still has significant out-of-pocket expenses. Between expenses not covered by insurance, and travel to and from the United States, Craig has approximately $7,000 in outstanding expenses from the first procedure.

We are all bombarded with requests for donations to charitable organizations, especially at this time of year. It is presumptuous to ask this, but would you please consider giving even a small amount to help defray these expenses? You can do so at SIM USA’s Web site. Craig and Jennifer’s ID number at SIM is 25646. Click “Give” in the lower right corner of the main page, then click “Support a Missionary” on the next page. Enter Craig’s name and ID number and you will be taken to a page where you can make your donation. Include this note in the Note field: “Min. Acct. Medical Expense.”

What is our relationship to Craig and J.J.? Craig is a second-generation SIM missionary. His parents, Garth and Marge Winsor, retired last year after 40+ years of service in Niger, Nigeria, and finally at SIM’s retirement village in Florida. We got to know Garth and Marge during our three years in Little Falls, New York and have supported them since the early 1980s. I taught Craig in Sunday School when he was in fifth or sixth grade.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Thanks, as always, for stopping by.

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