Getting to Know God Through Science: 10 Questions about Faith across the Multiverse for Andy Walsh

Andy Walsh’s book, “Faith Across the Multiverse,” is now out from Hendrickson Publishers. This post on Hendrickson’s blog features a Q&A with Andy.

Hendrickson Publishers Blog

Science is often presented as a set of propositions to affirm. On those terms, the existence of God becomes yet another such proposition, and all science can offer is a yes or a no. Andy Walsh thinks science offers more. In Faith across the Multiverse, Walsh writes,

Telescopes made it possible to explore the profoundly big: planets and solar systems and galactic clusters in every direction. Microscopes opened up the world of the infinitesimally small, microbes and viruses, atoms and quarks. We may not know what God-scale is (or if “scale” is even relevant), but surely pushing our minds beyond the human scale can help us begin to comprehend it. That is why I think science has the possibility to offer a rich world of metaphors for those of us who want to know God better, deeper, more.

As Walsh so eloquently expresses, there are so many more connections…

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