Good Versus Evil in the Films of Christopher Lee

Good Versus Evil in the Films of Christopher LeeGood Versus Evil in the Films of Christopher Lee by Paul Leggett

Disclosure: Paul Leggett is the pastor of the church where I am a member ( He is a gifted teacher and writer and this book is a fine example of both skills. I haven’t read his earlier book, Terence Fisher: Horror, Myth, and Religion but I would imagine the quality of that content is equal to this book.

The author traces the career of Christopher Lee, largely chronologically, through the horror, fantasy, and Sherlock Holmes films in which Lee appears as a significant character with a role in the conflict between good and evil. Leggett does not avoid or minimize the flaws in the films, and they are many, especially in the later films issued by Hammer Film Productions. Also, Good Versus Evil in the Films of Christopher Lee is not a biography and has little biographical information, but Leggett is clearly a fan of Christopher Lee and offers homage to him throughout.

Readers with an eye for proper grammar will wince many times. I’ve read many pages of Paul Leggett’s writing aside from this book. I know those pages have not had the benefit of an editor’s review, yet I seldom find anything that is out of order grammatically. The worthy subject matter of this book, and the learned treatment that the author gives it, are undercut by inferior editing or proofreading or both. However, don’t let that discourage you from reading this fine discussion of a fine actor’s work; your forbearance with such minor issues will be duly rewarded!

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