Creation Care Bibliography


  1. Berry, Wendell. The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture.
  2. Brunner, et al., Introducing Evangelical Ecotheology: Foundations in Scripture, Theology, History, and Praxis.*
  3. Davis, Ellen. Agriculture: An Agrarian Reading of the Bible.*
  4. DeWitt, Calvin. Earthwise: A Guide to Hopeful Creation Care 3rd Edition.
  5. Goleman, Daniel. Ecological Intelligence: How Knowing the Hidden Impacts of What We Buy Can Change Everything
  6. Leopold, Aldo. A Sand County Almanac with Other Essays on Conservation from Round River.
  7. McKibben, Bill. Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet.
  8. Merritt, Jonathan. Green Like God: Unlocking the Divine Plan for Our Planet.
  9. Moo, Jonathan and White, Robert S. Let Creation Rejoice: Biblical Hope and Ecological Crisis.
  10. Schaeffer, Francis A. Pollution and the Death of Man: The Christian View of Ecology.
  11. Sleeth, J. Matthew M.D. Serve God, Save the Planet: A Christian Call to Action.

*Pat has not read this book.

Web Sites

  1. A Rocha:
  2. Care of Creation:
  3. Evangelical Environmental Network:
  4. Restoring Eden:
  5. Renewal:
  6. The Center for Environmental Leadership:
  7. Young Evangelicals for Climate Action:
  8. Au Sable Institute:
  9. Faraday Institute for Science and Religion:


Bill Moyers interviews Katharine Hayhoe on climate change and faith.


Krista Tippett interviews Ellen Davis on caring for the creation.

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