Grubs, Weeds, and Mockingbirds

Grubs, Weeds, and Mockingbirds

This summer the grubs returned in force to our front lawn. Also a small weed, resembling clover but with red stems and runners and yellow flowers, had infested a large area. Today was the day to make a start at dealing with both problems. The sections of the lawn that the grubs had attacked were easy to pull up because the grubs had eaten the roots. Any grubs I found I picked up and tossed onto the sidewalk, hoping that a robin or mockingbird would find them.

The weed was also concentrated in the areas where the grubs had attacked the grass, and so when the grass was gone the weeds were a bit easier to deal with.

Meanwhile, I had heard the mockingbird at several points, but he did not come to get the grubs.

Later in the afternoon I was sitting on the porch reading and I heard what sounded at first like the house finch, but it turned out to be this mockingbird on the electrical service wire.